The method of making dhaba tea is available in English

 Tea can be summoned and the tea with dhaba can also be enjoyed in the kulhar.  We all like dhaba tea very much, if it is in the kulhar, then the taste of tea increases a hundred times with the aroma.  So what is the delay, here I am telling you how to make perfect dhaba tea, you must make it. The method of making dhaba tea is available in English.

Dhaba tea stuffs Ingredients for Dhabe wali Chai: -


Water - 250 ml.

Milk - 250 ml.

Ginger - Grind 1 inch piece.

Cardamom - 5

Sugar - 6 teaspoons.

Tea leaves - 5 tsp.

How to prepare Dhabe wali Chai:


Take water first, keep it on high heat.

Add ginger, cardamom in water and let it simmer.

Now add milk and add sugar.

When it comes to a boil, add tea leaves and reduce the flame.

When the color comes, let it remain on the gas for five more minutes, let its color thicken.

Now turn off the gas, your tea is ready.

Now if there is an ax, then filter it in a kulhad or in a cup and serve hot tea.

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