What is wedding planner? | How To Become

What is wedding planner? | How To Become

 Hello friends, today we will tell you how to become a "Wading Planner, Full Process".  The special thing about the wedding planner is that it has a lot of scope right now, so you can make a career in it very easily.

In today's time, every person wants to make their wedding as a memorial.  He makes various efforts for this. The person wants his wedding ceremony, pandals, food, lighting and D.J.  Etc. Common works should be done in a very good way, so that everyone remembers his marriage or marriage.

A single person cannot do all this work.  To do all these things we need a wedding planner who can do these tasks in a systematic way.

What is wedding planner?

Wedding Planner: In modern times, there is a new way of getting married in which no family member is responsible for arranging the marriage ceremony smoothly.  Meaning there is no work pressure on the family member or relative in the marriage ceremony. To keep the marriage ceremony in order, a paid person is chosen, which is called a wedding planner.

A decade ago there was no career option called Wedding Planner.  Then even marriages were not so pompous. As the society changed, a new career option named Wedding Planner emerged.  People are taking advantage of this, so there is a career scope in this field.

What does wedding planner do?

The beginning of the marriage ceremony is considered by printing the card. Since then, the work of wedding planner starts. While deciding the wedding planner, all the big and small things of the wedding ceremony are told.  Accordingly, he is a tent, pandal, confectioner, lighting, D.J. Adi Common books people for work.

This means that the wedding planner has full responsibility for conducting the marriage ceremony.  The wedding planner conducts all the rituals, from the smallest and the biggest to the wedding, in a timely manner.  If you look at work, the biggest thing is - responsibility. Those who have the courage to take responsibility, they can easily make a career in this field.


To become a wedding planner, you can do a course of event management after inter.  To become a wedding planner, you should have knowledge of some common things. You should talk to people, deal with them, come.  You should have a good knowledge of the market, so that you can easily find the items and people that work in the wedding ceremony.


Although it does not require any special training to become a wedding planner, still you can do an event management course for your convenience.  There are many benefits of this course. You get to know closely about the various actions that take place in a marriage ceremony. When it comes to career, you must take a course in event management.


If you work for a company, then you can earn Rs 20000 per month.  There is less risk. If you do your own work, then you can earn around one lakh rupees per month.  In this, you have to decide everything yourself.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Talking of benefits, there are many benefits in this.  We have to meet new people every day. If you are doing your own work, then you live like a boss.  If we look at the loss, there is no specific loss. Initially you may have to spend your rupees for the items and people that work in the marriage ceremony, because most of the clients give money only after the wedding ceremony.

the possibilities

Marriage, marriage can never stop.  These are increasing day by day, so there is no shortage of possibilities.  People will need to have a wedding planner. Therefore, make an open career in it.

Best Institute

1. Academy of wedding planner, Delhi

2. Impact Institute of event management, Delhi

3. Wedding planning studio, Dream weddings, India, Indore

4. EMI wedding academy, Mumbai

5. Tania taple, Mumbai.

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