What is Journalism? | How to Become Journalist?

What is Journalism? | How to Become Journalist?

Today we will know about how to become a journalist (How To Become Journalist in Hindi) because in today's time, becoming a Journalist is a very good option.  To become a Journalist, you should know every news of your area. If you want to become a Journalist, then you must know some things. In this article we will learn about the same things.

In today's article, we will know what journalism is, journalist work, how to become a journalist, Qualifications to become a Journalist, Exam to become a Journalist, How to prepare to become a journalist, Skills for Journalism, Career of Journalism,  You will get to know all the information of Salary etc. of Journalist in detail, so definitely read the post till the last.

What is journalism?

A person who collects information about the events of any area and reaches them to the people is called a Journalist.  It is the job of the Journalist to collect the events shown in the news channel, news published in newspapers. Any news that comes online is also collected by the Journalist.  We can also say in simple language that people who describe the incident with Mike in the news channel are called Journalists.

How to become a journalist?

To become a journalist you just need to be 12th pass.  Subject selected in 12th will not have any effect on it.  After that every private university has a course to become a journalist.  If you want, you can also do diploma in this field. Each state also has its own government tests which you can become a journalist by giving.  Some tests also take place at the All India Level. The course given to become a journalist is called Mass Communication.

Course to become a journalist

The course of becoming a Journalist is called the Course of Mass Communication.  You can also do a degree or diploma in this course. IIMC test is very famous if we talk about All India Level.  IIMC is known as Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Any journalist who passes through this institute becomes a very big journalist in future.

Entrance exam to become a journalist

Entrance Exams famous for becoming a journalist are given below:

Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi

The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

MGM College, Aurangabad

Delhi University (BMMMC)

Pondicherry University

Journalist's salary

It is very difficult to guess the journalist's salary.  Because each news channel gives different salary to its journalist.  On the other hand, journalists of newspapers appearing in newspapers and news coming online also take different salaries.  But you can estimate that the salary of a successful Journalist will be above ₹ 50000 only.

Journalism course fees

Each university charges a different course fee for a journalist.  But if it is estimated, it can cost from ₹ 19000 to ₹ 300000 for a year to become a Journalist.  This cost is from Private Universities. At the Government Universities, a full degree will be available for less than this.

Ability to become a journalist

Below is the very low qualification to become a Journalist:

For Journalist, you should have 12th certificate

Along with 12th, you should also have a Certificate of Degree in Journalist.  If you want, you can also become a Journalist by doing diploma.

You should know Hindi, English and local language.

Scope and career as a journalist

Journalism also has many Fields.  Print Media and Electronics Media Journalism have two important fields.  After becoming a Journalist, you can make your future in both these fields.  First of all, you have to work with small news channels or small newspapers. As you continue to do good work, you will get experience and you will be able to work in good news channels and newspapers.

Important skills to be a journalist

To become a journalist it is necessary to have many skills.  Some important skills are mentioned in the following article:

Whichever area you will work in, you should know its local language.  Along with this, you should have knowledge of both Hindi and English.

Your communication skills should be very good.  It is very difficult to make a career in Journalism without Communication Skills.

You should get acquainted with people.  Many times you have to find out from here to know about any news.

You should also learn the art of disguise.  Many times many journalists have to go to fake news to find out the news.

Your personality should be good.

Types of journalists

There are many types of becoming a journalist. Some of the following are done:

Investigative Journalism

Watch Dog Journalism

Online Journalism

Broadcast Journalism

Opinion Journalism

Sports Journalism

Trade Journalism

Entertainment Journalism

Political journalism

Top 5 Best Colleges for Journalism

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore.

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.

Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi.

Christ College, Bangalore.

School of Communication, Manipal

Journalism exam pattern

2 Question papers are given in Journalist's paper.  There is no permission to take any break between the two question papers.  The first paper consists of 50 questions. Each question is of two numbers.  That is, the first paper is of 100 numbers.

In the second paper, 100 questions are asked.  In this paper too, each question is of two numbers and the entire paper is of 200 numbers.  If we combine the numbers of both the papers, then overall the exam of the Journalist is 300 numbers.

Journalism course syllabus

In Journalist Exam various questions are asked from different fields.  Following are some topics out of which questions will be asked in this course.

Language Skills.

Comprehension and Analytical Capability.

Aptitude And Mental Make-Up.

Writing Skills.

International Development.

General Knowledge.

How to prepare to become a journalist

To become a journalist you must have a degree or diploma in Mass Communication.  You can do this degree from both private or government universities. If you want to prepare for Government University then you can take admission in various Coaching Institute.  If you cannot take admission, then preparations can also be made to become a Journalist from home.

Books for journalists

If you want to sit at home and prepare for the Journalist test, then below are some books that are very important to read:

Keval J Kumar (Mass Communication)

Arihant (CTET)

Semma (Mass Communication: Principle and Concepts)

Mohit Bhattacharya (Public Administration)

Journalists' work and responsibilities

Whenever a Journalist is appointed in an area, he should know every incident and accident that occurs in that area.  If you are a journalist, then you should try to gather news about that incident first in your area.

A Journalist can investigate any kind by visiting the site of any incident or accident.  He can also question all the people present there.

The police can never raise their hands over the Journalist.  She can never arrest a Journalist.

If you are a Journalist and are investigating a case, no one can question your investigation.

If you become a Journalist, then your personal life is almost over.  A news channel journalist has to spend 24 hours a day in his job.

If any incident or accident happens in your area at any time, you can be sent to do your duty anytime.

Journalist gets very few holidays.

The conclusion

Hope you have received all the information about Journalist Details In Hindi.  What if you still have a journalist? (What Is Journalist in Hindi) and how to become a journalist?  If you have any questions about it, you can feel free to comment in the Comment section and ask.

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