RTO Full Form | How to Become rto Officer?

RTO Full Form | How to Become rto Officer

Today we will give you complete information about preparing RTO Officer, and in the last post we told you what is CAA and NRC?  In today's post, you will know how to prepare for RTO Officer? I hope friends you will like all our posts, and we hope you like all our posts like this.

You must know that to become a Government Officer you have to work very hard accordingly.  Only then you can become a government official in a good position. If you also want to become a Rto Officer, then you have to work hard for this, because doing a government job is not as difficult as getting a government job.

What is Rto Officer

Before preparing Rto Officer, we need to know what is Rto Officer?  So let's go ahead and know the complete information of RTO Officer in Hindi, you should read this post from beginning to end so that you can understand it better.

Rto Officer Full Form 


The Regional Transport Office is an Indian government organization.  Those who maintain the Database of Drivers and maintain the Database of Vehicles for various states of India are called Rto Officer.

How to become Rto Officer

The registration of vehicles is done by a department of the Indian government and that is Rto Officer. You have to fulfill certain Rto Officer Eligibility to become a Rto Officer.

What should be the qualification for Rto Officer

Applicant must be 10th pass to become Rto Officer and if you want to get more High Post in this then you must have Graduation pass from Recognized University and both women and men can apply for Rto Officer.

Let us tell you that the age limit for Rto Officer should be around 21 to 30 years.  There is a relaxation of up to 3 years for OBC candidates. And Sc / St applicants get a rebate of up to 5 years.

What is the job of Rto Officer

If you also want to become a Rto Officer, then it is very important for you to know what is the work of Rto Officer.  So let's go ahead and know the details of this.

Vehicle Registration

If a person buys a new vehicle, it is necessary to register it to get legal rights on that vehicle.

Driving License

Let the people know that the driving license is given by the Rto Department.  If you drive a vehicle, then you will also know how important is the license for driving.


Insurance work is also done by the Rto Officer.  If you have to get your car Bima done then you have to go to Rto Office.

There are three types of posts in Rto Office.

Judicial post

Clerical or Clerk Post

(Sub) Assistant Engineer Post

On these 3 posts, you can work in Rto Office.

How to become Rto Officer

Let me tell you that to become a Rto Officer you have to apply first.  Applying for this is very easy. To pass the Rto Officer Exam, you have to take 2 exams and then your interview.  Which you have to pass. So let's know in full detail.

Written Examination

After applying, first you have a written examination.  This test is of 2 hours. Its paper is of 200 marks. In this, different types of questions are asked on these topics.

National And International Current Events

General science

History Of India


Environment And Ecology

Economic And Social Development

English language

Physical test

After the written test you have a physical test.  In this your Physically Fitnes is checked and in this also you have to pass, only then your selection is done.


Now after passing both the exams, you will have an interview.  In which you will be tested on the basis of your intelligence, ability, values ​​and qualities and you will be asked some questions.  After passing it, you will be selected for Rto Officer.

What is Syllabus of Rto Officer Exam

To take the Rto Officer exam, it is necessary to know its Syllabus.  Only then you can study it.

General state language

General english

General Knowledge

Optional subject

General studies

This is the Syllabus you need to study to become a Rto Officer.  And you have to clear the exam.

Hopefully, you will have understood the complete information about how to become an RTO Officer, if you still have any difficulty then you can ask us in the comment box.  If you liked my post, then you should not forget to share this post among your friends.

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