Petroleum Jobs In Dubai For Indians

Petroleum Jobs In Dubai For Indians

Hello friends, as you know, Dubai is a very large country with petroleum reserves which petrol oil to many countries.  In the supply of etc., in such a situation, due to the large petroleum sector there is a job vacancy in the field of petroleum, so if you also want to get a job in Dubai, then below are some information for you which you  See and if you complete their recruitment then you can apply for that job.

Petroleum Engineer

It is necessary to have a petroleum engineer to develop and maintain the petroleum sector, for which job vacancies are often coming out in Dubai, for this you have to complete the recruitment as given below.

You are from any country but you must have citizenship of one country and a citizenship result sheet is required.

You should have at least two years of work experience in the petroleum field, which you must have proof of.

Your way of speaking and talking should be good so that your talk will have an impact on the front.

Your age limit should be between 24 and 45.

You must have a Bachelor of Technology Petroleum degree.

Petroleum Process Trainer

To get the job of Petroleum Process Trainer, you must have the following mentioned below: If you fulfill all the requirements mentioned below, you can get the job in Dubai: -

You should have two to three years of experience in this field.

You must have a B. Tech, B. Ed in Petroleum degree.

You must be at least 25 years and 45 years old.

Your way of learning should be good so that you can lead the officers below you properly.

Petroleum Atendent

Under the supervision of the petroleum attendant, filling the petrol and supplying it is all the work, petrol is filled in tanks to supply petroleum separately, which the petroleum attendant has to look after.  To get a job in this, you have to complete the recruitment given below and you can find this job very easily.

You must pass a high school from any university, whose certificate is required.

If you are more educated than this, then it will be a good thing, which makes you easier to get a job.

You must have a driving license, although it is not necessary for this, but if you have it, the chances of getting a job are increased.

Your way of speaking and working should be good.

Both men and women can apply for this job.


It is the job of the cashier to keep a list of the expenses and the money to be kept for the entire expenditure, for which you should have a good understanding of all these and with that you will have to complete the following requirement to get the job  .

You must have an account work experience before this.

It is also necessary to have a B Com Degree in Account.

Your ability to work should be good and fast.

It is also important for you to be honest for this job.

You can get a great salary package by getting this job.

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