How to become a Space Scientist | Space Science Career- Details

 How to become a Space Scientist.  Space Science Career- Details

Do you want to pursue a career in space science, or want to get information about Space Scientist kaise bane. If you want to pursue a career in space science, then this post will prove very useful for you.  Because in this post we will tell about the Space Science course in detail.

This article is very beneficial for those people who want to know about it by Space Scientist kaise bane.  After reading this post, you will get complete information related to Space Science Career.

How to become a Space Scientist

To pursue a career in space science, you will need to do BTech or BSc in Space Science course in Space Science.  Only then you can make a career in this field as a Space Scientist. For the space course, students need to pass 12th from the PCM subject.  There should be good grip in science, especially in physics.

Career in Space Science as a Space Scientist

Space science is a fascinating and challenging field.  There are opportunities to make a great career in space science today.  After doing the Space Science Course one does not have to wander around for jobs.

Do not understand that even easier, if you complete the course, you will get a job in this sector.  This sector is only for those who have an interest in space science. For this, you have to study hard and diligently.

If you are talented, then there is no shortage of jobs in this sector for you.  Space Science Professional can seek career in ISRO, NASA, DRDO. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to work in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, National Aeronautical Laboratory etc.

Along with this, you get attractive career options in Space Tourism, Space Manufacturing Company, Spacecraft Software Development Center.  In the field of Space Science, many vacancies also arise in Space Research Agency, Science Museum and Planetarium, in addition to this there is a huge demand for Space Scientist in the field of Teaching.

Known for employment in the space science sector, the accepted companies are ISRO and NASA.  Every Space Science professional has a desire to work as a scientist.

Career Option in Space Science

Space science is considered a very challenging career.  With this, there are many career options in it. You can get a chance to work in the following positions in the Space Science field.


Space scientist




Satellite technician

Radar technician

Robotic technician

Quality Assurance Specialist

Salary in Space Science

Salary is quite good in space science profession.  But you have good information related to this industry.  Initially, 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month would be available in this sector.

After three to four years of experience, they start getting 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month.  In this, the Space Specialist in the research field gets lakhs of rupees per month. Apart from the country, it also provides employment opportunities abroad.

All aspects related to space are studied and researched under Space Science.  In this universe, stars, planets etc. are studied. Subjects like Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Material Science, Computer Science are taught in this course.  Practical information is given about how the Brahmand was born, the equipment used in its study, etc. Space science has many branches.

What is space science

Astronomy- In this branch of space science, studies of sun, stars, moon, planets etc. are done.  It mainly focuses on astronomy.

Stellar Science - Under this, a study is done on how all the stars of the solar system are arranged under a particular parameter.

Astrophysics- Based on physical and chemical rules, birth and death of stars, planets, sky, Ganges and other elements of solar system are studied in this branch.

Cosmology - It studies about the universe.  Which includes the entire process from the origin of the universe to the expansion.

Qualification For Space Science Course

Courses from Bachelor degree to PhD level are available in Space Science.  It is necessary to pass 12th PCM for admission to Bachelor Degree. In this, entrance examination is conducted at the All India level for admission.  If you pass this exam, then only you get admission.

For admission to master's degree, it is necessary to have B.Sc. in Space Science or B.Tech in Space Science.  Must have a Master in Space Science for PhD. Under this, you can also specialize in astronomy, stellar science, astrophysics, cosmology.

Skills For Space Science Sector

To make a career in space science one must have a good grasp on physics.  It is necessary to have basic knowledge of computer with basic understanding of engineering.  It is necessary to be interested in presentation, reading, writing skills, communication skills, hardworking, desire to know, research etc.

Use of Space Science

In today's time, the technology of space science has developed a lot.  With the help of satellite technology, it is easy to get accurate weather information.  Getting information about planets, satellites, atmosphere, movement of earth etc. is the result of space science itself.

Due to space science, scientists are aware of the information related to the space moment by moment.  Today it has become possible to go from Earth to other planets, collect information from other planets, install satellites in space etc.

Today, India has joined the top countries by growing in space science.  At present, the government is also spending a lot in space science studies and research.  After the Moon mission, Mars mission, Chandrayaan 2 mission, now plans to build space station in space by 2030.  India's satellite capacity has been recognized by all countries of the world today.

Course for space science

B.Tech in Space Science

BE in Space Science

BSc in Space Science

MTech in Space Science

MSc in Space Science

ME in Space Science

PhD in Space Science

Best College for Space Science Course

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

Indian Institute of Space Science, Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital

Vikram Sarabhai Space Center

ISRO Satellite Center

National Remort Sensing Agency

Space Applications Center

Physical Research Laboratory

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