How To Become SDM | Joining Process in India

How To Become SDM | Joining Process in India

Today, due to rising unemployment, the importance of education has increased, which has been in great competition because now most companies are hiring people who are well educated or who have good experience.

That is why the student classes are already working hard to get their floor.  All the students are not interested in the same subject, but every student has interest in different fields.  For example, if a student wants to become a doctor after studying, then many students want to study and get posts like Ias, ips, pcs, Sdm.

But for your information, let us know that to talk success in any field, it is necessary to have more hard work and information related to that area, because when students have the right information about something, then it is well prepared.  And will be able to achieve their goal.

If you keep searching on the internet how to make SDM, then today you have come to the right place, because in this article today we will show you what SDM is, how to become SDM, what are the qualifications to become SDM.  Should, we are going to give complete information about the salary of SDM, etc., so let's go to the main issue.

Full form of SDM

If we talk about the full form of SDM, then Sdm ka fullform is "Sub Divisional Magistrate".  SDM is called as Sub Divisional Judge in Hindi. Currently, Sdm is deployed in all districts of India.

Age to become SDM

For those who come from general category, the age of becoming SDM is from 21 years to 40 years and in addition to those who belong to sc-st and OBC community, their age ranges from 21 years to 45 years and those who are physically  The form is slightly handicapped, the age for them has been set by the government from 21 years to 55 years.

Nationality for SDM

Candidates who are citizens of India can apply for the post of SDM in India.  Apart from this, persons who are citizens of Nepal and Bhutan can also apply for the post of SDM in India.

Educational Qualification to become SDM

Both boys and girls can apply to become a SDM.  Candidates who wish to become SDM, they must do Graduation from any recognized university for this.  Apart from this, students who are studying for the final year of graduation can also apply for Sdm ki Job ke liye application.

Examination to become SDM Officer

For your information, let us know that only one Sdm is appointed by Adhikari government in all the district. Students have two options to become an SDM. In this, the first option is to get the appointment of SDM at the state level through the Civil Service Examination and the second option is to get the post of SDM through the State Public Service Commission.  To get the post of SDM, students have to go through three processes, we have given the information below.

 preliminary examination

 Main exam


Preliminary Examination

This is the first step to achieve the rank of SDM.  There are 2 papers related to general knowledge in the preliminary exam to become a sdm.  In the preliminary examination, the question related to general knowledge and the second question paper is of qualified marks.

To pass this exam, students are required to get 33% marks, but for your information, let us know that the marks of this paper are not added to the ranking, but only the marks of the first question paper are added.

Determination of marks in preliminary examination

 1: General Knowledge 1: 200 marks

 2: general knowledge 2: 200 marks

Main Examination

Candidates who successfully pass the preliminary examination, then get a chance to appear in the main examination.  For your information, let us know that there are total 8 question papers in the main examination, in which questions related to Current Affairs, History, Geography, Indian Polity, General Science and General Knowledge are asked.  This exam is very difficult and the candidates who pass this exam are then called for interview.

Determination of marks in main examination

1: Hindi: 150 marks

2: Essay: 150 marks

3: General Studies: 200 marks

4: General Studies: 200 Marks

5: General Studies: 200 Marks

6: General Studies: 200 marks

7: Elective subject paper: 200 marks

8: Elective subject paper: 200 marks

Interview of Sdm officer 

Candidates who pass the preliminary examination and the main examination are then called for interview.  For your information, let us know that this interview total is of 200 marks.

In this interview, you have to convince the interviewees that you are the best man for this post and you will do your job well, understanding the responsibility of this post.

Salary of SDM Officer

If we talk about Sdm ki salary then as you know that the job of SDM officer is a government job, hence their salary is also higher. Monthly salary of an SDM officer is around ₹ 53000 to ₹ 67,700.  It is their least salary and their maximum salary can be up to one lakh.

Apart from this, an SDM officer gets other government expenses such as petrol expenses, telephone expenses, ration expenses, housing expenses, travel expenses, besides the lifetime pension to the SDM and his wife.


So far you have learned what SDM is?  What are the qualifications to become an SDM?  Who can become SDM? Let us now tell you what works SDM, after becoming SDM, let us know.

The land in which the SDM is posted, the land of that district is audited by the SDM.

In addition, the SDM has control over all the tehsildars of its area.

Apart from this, the persons affected by registration of any marriage, different types of licenses, different types of applications, natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquake, landslide, cold winds, cloudburst, hail, rash, lightning, etc.  It is the job of SDM to provide assistance to anyone.

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