How to become a lawyer (Advocate) | Full Information

How to become a lawyer (Advocate) | Full Information


 A lawyer holds a very prominent place inside the society as he is very well versed in the law.  No lawyer can get any person to do any kind of illegal work because a lawyer has full knowledge of the law.

If you want to do something for your country, you can do social service after becoming a lawyer.  At present, things like corruption, crime, thieves etc. have increased a lot. In such a case, if a lawyer punishes criminals according to law, then he plays an important role in the society.  In today's article, we will tell you about the whole process of becoming a lawyer. Provide you with all the necessary information that are necessary to become a lawyer.

Who is a lawyer

One who studies law and is an expert in law.  He holds an LLB degree but gets permission to contest the case in court only when he passes the BCI i.e. Bar Council of India examination.  For information, let us know that only after passing this examination, a lawyer can stand in front of a judge in a court and fight someone's case.  Also, let us tell you that the role of any lawyer is different in case of legal jurisdiction.

What are the types of lawyers

There are not only one type of lawyer nor two types but it is different types who study law and work in different fields.  Following are the types of lawyers:

Public Prosecutor

Private lawyer

Junior lawyer

Senior advocate

Senior advocate

Family lawyer

Lawyers for Lower, District and High Courts

Supreme Court Advocate

Studying to become a lawyer

If you have already made up your mind to become a lawyer, then for this, let us tell you that first of all you have to see whether you want to start this course after class XII or after graduation.  If you do this course after 12th, then it will take 5 years and if you want to do it after graduation, it will take 2 years. When you have decided that how many year course you have to enroll, then after that you will have to prepare for your entrance exam.

This entrance test is known as CLAT ie Common Law Admission Test.  Explain that if you pass this exam, then you will be able to study law.  Also, please inform us that in this exam, you are asked questions related to Mathematics, General Knowledge, Legal Entry, English, Logical Reasoning etc.

Apart from this, please inform you that apart from the Common Admission Law Test Entrance Examination, there are some other institutions that offer advocacy studies.

  All these colleges are under the Law School Admission Council like Symbiosis Law College, National Law University, Delhi and Jindal Global Law School etc. From all these colleges you can start your studies and become a lawyer after giving entrance exam.

Lawyer advice

The need to seek advice from a lawyer is bound to fall into our lives at some time or the other.  There are many things in our life that we cannot do without the advice and assistance of a lawyer.  Legal work can be done only by a lawyer, for that it is important that whenever you go to seek advice from a lawyer, first make sure that the lawyer is well versed in the law. 

The advice of a lawyer is very important in any matter because sometimes it happens that we do not know the legal things and because of this we take wrong decisions.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to become a lawyer, there are two types of courses for them and for them both the candidates have different qualifications.  For example, if a person wants to do a 5-year advocacy course, then the qualification is different and if a candidate wants to do a 3-year advocacy course, then eligibility is different for him.  Along with this, let us tell you that for this you will also have to pass the entrance exam.

Education Requirements

If a candidate wants to take a 5-year advocacy course, he should have passed class XII from a recognized board.

It is mandatory to have at least 50% marks in 12th standard.

Apart from this, if you want to take a 3-year course of advocacy after graduation, for that you will have to get 50% marks in graduation.

Age Range

Any candidate should be at least 20 years of age to become a lawyer.  Maximum age limit has been removed. So if you are 20 years old and have passed 12th or graduation with 50% marks then you can enroll in a 5-year and 3-year advocacy course.

Top coaching for lawyers in India

To become a lawyer, you must successfully pass your SALT exam.  For this, you will require continuous study and hard work. If you are facing a lot of problem to prepare for your entrance exam then for this you can go to some good coaching and start your studies after enrolling there.

There are various coaching centers inside India where one can study to become a lawyer very well. Following are some of the top coaching names where you can enroll:

Tara Coaching Institute Delhi

Career Shapers Education Forum

IMS Institute

Management Career Makers

Shriram Law Academy

Practice academy

CLAT Possible

Teachwell Institute

Success mantra

AB tutorials

Mansarovar Law Center

Legal age

Pahuja Law Academy

Universal institute of legal studies

Books and study material to become a lawyer

Following is the list of books and study material you will need to become a lawyer.

Objective general english 2020 by ap bhardwaj

The Reason's Guide ToCLAT by Pearson

Word power made easy by norman

current affairs yearly by Arihant Publications

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by Pearson’s

A modern approach to logical reasoning by RS Aggarwal

Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

Objective Legal Aptitude by RS Aggarwal

Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

CLAT and AILET chapter wise solved papers

Universal’s CLAT solved papers

previous years question papers

Lawyer work

The functions of a lawyer are very few of which we are telling you

The job of a lawyer is to advise his client on all aspects of the law.

Also advises on all court proceedings and hearings.

Advising and representing your client on criminal and civil laws is also the job of a lawyer.

The lawyer whom a person chooses for his legal work.  He participates in all the court proceedings of that client.

To properly research the case on which he is working and collect evidence.

Representing your client in a test.

Lawyer fees rules

When a person appoints a lawyer for himself, then his fees are fixed after discussing them among themselves.  Also, let us tell you that if a lawyer is highly renowned or more experienced then he charges more.

The client can pay his lawyer in installments during the fee case.  There are also some lawyers who take half their fees first and after half the case is over. In addition, if a person is poor, then the lawyer can also give his service for free.  It is entirely up to the lawyer.

Career Prospects After Lawyer Studies

If you successfully complete your studies to become a lawyer, you will have many career options, some of which we are telling you -

You can advocate after becoming a lawyer.

Can become legal adviser to anyone.

Government APP can be created.

If you wish, you can also occupy the post of judicial officer after taking the exam.

Apart from this, you can also do different jobs in the corporate world like working in departments like insurance, banking etc.

The conclusion

So friends, in today's article, we told you what a lawyer is.  And what do you have to do to become that. With this, you have learned about the types of lawyers and how you can study to become a lawyer.  We have given you complete information about becoming a lawyer through this article. We sincerely hope that today's article will be very helpful for you.  Share this with your friends and acquaintances so that they too can get proper and correct information.

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