Hotel Jobs In Qatar For Indians

Hotel Jobs In Qatar

Qatar is a very developed country, it keeps visiting tourists, so there are many hotels in this country.  In which vacancy is extracted to work. In which you can get a good salary job by applying, below is the job related to the hotel.


Hotels in Qatar have very good arrangements for those staying there.  For this reason, there are often life vacancies of lifeguards from hotels.  In which you can get job by applying. To apply, you must have the below requirement.

Must have any working experience of the last two years.

Must be physically healthy and strong.

You know how to speak English and it is important to have the right way of speaking.

Must be able to manage maintenance of hotel stayers.

It is necessary to have a police inquiry certificate.

It is necessary to have a certificate up to high school.

All expenses with your salary will be from the hotel.

You can get at least 500 to 1000 $ monthly salary.

 2.Head Waitress

Vacancy is also extracted on very high demand for waitresses in Qatar hotels.  In which they look for a well-experienced waitress. You can get the job of a waitress by applying for a job there.  To apply, it is necessary to have the below requirement.

Must be able to work fast.

Must have working experience in a hotel of one to two years.

Be able to work properly with other waitresses ranging from chefs.

Speaking and speaking quality should be English.

Must have experience of cleaning and sanitizing.

In order to help the chef, it is necessary to be soft in cooking.

It is necessary to have a good knowledge of working.

You can get a salary of 800 to 1100 $ on this post.

 3.Public Area Attendant

To keep all the people amenities clean and to keep them clean, people are kept on job in Qatar hotels for work.  You can get good salary by working in it. For this, the requirement given below is required.

Keeping the office clean and taking care of necessary amenities like taking care of telephone rest room cleaning.

You must have two years of working experience.

Should have a disposition to follow Hadayats.

There should be a proper way of talking and it is necessary to speak English.

It is important to be healthy and strong physically.

You must have a certificate of high education.

You can get salary from 500 to 1000 $ on this post.

 4.Chief Accountant

Hotels also have the requisite accountant for which vacancy is drawn in Qatar.  You can get a job by applying in this, to get the job, you must have the following requirement.

It is necessary to have 8 to 10 years of account experience and it is mandatory to have a certificate.

It is mandatory to have graduation certificate.  In this, you should be from the subject of account.

In this, both men and women can apply.  This is a great opportunity for women to apply as well.

You must be between 25 and 35 years of age.

Must be speaking quality.  It is important to have a good experience in speaking English.

According to Indian currency you can get very good salary.

Citizens of other countries can also apply in this.

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