What is a web server? And Types of servers

 Friends, you must have heard that no website is being opened due to server down, and it is often in banks that due to server down, the work of banks stops, but have you ever tried to know that finally the server  What happens and how it works, there is a process behind opening the website by internet acess, which is called server. Today we will know in detail about the server, what is a server, so friends.

 What is a web server?

What is a web server? And Types of servers

 The server may be a computer or a hardware or even a computer program, which is loaded into the computer to send information and data to other computers, the function of the server serving the users of the Internet  is.

 Google is the world's largest search engine from where we can get as much data as we want, Google gives us all this data from servers of various websites.

 Just like we watch videos in YouTube or search any information by going to our device's web browser, whatever results we get to see on our device, the data of the website or channel is in the store somewhere in the server  , Which the server provides us with as we send requests.

 A server is like a computer and the server has many different capabilities in the world.  If we install a server program in a normal laptop or computer, that computer will also work like a server.

 Servers are not just limited to the Internet, it can also be prepared in any office to connect many computers to work together, so that the work of one computer can be seen in another.

 How does Web Server work?

 We know what the server is. Now we know how the server works, we understand this as an example, if you want to watch any type of video on YouTube, for which the name of the video is searched in the search box.  , The server receives it as a request.

 The request goes through the Internet to Youtube's server, where all Youtube's data is stored, then the server finds the video you searched with the stored data and then shows you as a result.

 This is how the server works, we search to find any type of data on the internet, then it helps us to reach the server, which shows us the data we need, and it works very fast by the server  It happens at the speed that you know that in a few seconds the whole data is exposed to you.

 What are the types of servers

 Different servers are designed for different tasks, so there are many types of servers.  We know about it in detail: -

 Web server

 A web server is called a server that displays data through a web browser.  Whenever we search on the Internet, first it connects to the web server and then shows the result according to the search to that user.  The web server shows us images, text, videos etc. in the web browser. If called in simple language, the server with internet is called web server.

 Email Server

 Such servers provide the service of sending and receiving messages via email.  In this, user data is stored and kept. Also, it also gives a lot of space in which all messages are saved.  This SMTP protocol is used.

 Ftp server

 The full name of FTP is File transfer protocol.  This is a very old internet server. The FTP server provides file safety, transfer control and organization of files.  It helps the users to move files from one place to another very securely.

 Proxy servers

 A proxy server can also be a computer system or application that acts as an intermediate for the client and the client's request passes to the server via this intermediate.  And the server also gives the request to the user through this intermediate.

 File server

 File server helps in transferring files through network.  The file server stores and manages all files in the computer and sends a copy of the file to the computer upon the users request.  File servers are used on local networks.

 Application server

 An application server is a server program that provides business logic for the application program.  Application server that provides the facility to create web applications and also provides a network to run these web applications.

 Groupware Servers

 Through this server people can work by connecting to each other in groups, however they want to be in any place, for this internet or a mutual intranet is used and in this way together in a near environment  Work can be done.

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