What is Supercomputer? | Advantages & Disadvantages

 Almost every person knows about the computer, but today we will not talk about computers, we are going to talk about supercomputers, very few people know about it and you may be among those who have ever  Did not even hear the name. It is also a computer but we can also call it an upgrade system of a computer. Because it is very different from a normal computer.

 It runs very well and faster than the rest of the computer, its process speed is many times faster than the normal computer.  In earlier times computers were very large size but as technology improved then computer. The size kept getting smaller and today's computers are of smaller size.  If we talk about the supercomputer, then it is slightly larger in size than the normal computer, but its size is smaller than that of the earlier computer.

 In today's article, we will get information about what is a supercomputer and all other topics related to it.

 What is a supercomputer?

 The supercomputer is known as "Mahasanganak" in Hindi.  Before knowing what a supercomputer is, we need to know about the computer, which will make it easier to understand.  You know about a computer that it is used to create a file or for an office work, but its definition is something like this. A normal computer takes input through hardware like keyboard, mouse and process it.  Performs the task by taking input with the help of hardware and gives its output to you. For example, if an owner tells his minion to work, then he gives the work to his boss. This is how a normal computer works.  To which we give input with the help of hardware for the task and in return the computer gives us the output of that data. Every normal computer works in this way.

 But a supercomputer has the ability to work several thousand times faster than this.

 It can do a billion calculations in a second.  Supercomputer speed is measured in mega flops. "Floating point operations per second" is the modern measure of supercomputer capability.  Initially supercomputer speed was measured in mega flops. And later measured in Giga Flops and Terra Flops. And now supercomputer capacity and speed are measured in beaten flops.

 Supercomputers are used by scientists and engineering for applications and large tasks.  Which includes a lot of database computation tasks. These are very expensive compared to other computers.  Which are used for a particular application.

 The size of a supercomputer depends on how many computers the computer is made of. A supercomputer can consist of 10,100, and thousands of computers.

 Operating system used in supercomputers

 Linux operating systems are used in new-age supercomputers, although manufacturers also change the operating system according to their requirements.  In addition to Linux, operating systems such as Bullux SCS, SUSE CentOS and Cray Linux are also used. In this, the operating system is also used which are in our normal computer, just a little change is made in them.

 How does a supercomputer work?

 Supercomputers are very fast and powerful, they are used only where very large and fast calculations are required.  Also, it is used for a particular task or special operation because very fast work is done at the time of operation and a lot of work has to be done on time.  Supercomputers are very expensive. Which are used only for very large tasks. So let's further explain what functions a supercomputer is used for.

 What does a supercomputer do?

 Climate research- It is already ascertained how the climate is likely to change.

 Weather prediction - Today we already anticipate the coming season, we see on the internet and know that what will change in the weather in the coming days, all of this is possible by the supercomputer.

 Physical simulation - changes and movements in the body can be detected.  Apart from these, the list of some other works is as follows-

 Nuclear power research

 Code breaking

 quantum mechanics

 Oil and gas exploration

 Genetic analysis

 Molecular modeling

 Fluid move

 World's fastest supercomputer

 If we talk about the world's fastest supercomputer then here comes the first number two supercomputers of America which are considered to be the fastest computers in the world.  Both of these computers are named Summit and Sierra. In 2018, a supercomputer named Summit was declared the fastest in 2018 on speeding up a calculation. If we talk about the world's ten fastest supercomputers, then these include supercomputers from India, China, America, and Japan.

 India's fastest supercomputer

 Dr. Harshvardhan dedicated India's first fastest and multiplex supercomputer in Pune on 8 January 2018.  This supercomputer is named after Suryusha. It has been established at the Indian Institute of Meteorology, Pune, which will further improve the accurate weather and climate forecast of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

 In fact, 'Pratyush' is a joint link of many computers, capable of counting up to a maximum of 6.8 petaflops.  India's supercomputer ranks fourth in the world's fastest computer.

 How much does a supercomputer cost?

 The price of a supercomputer depends on the speed of its calculation and on the size of it, the faster and bigger the supercomputer is, the higher it will be, but if the price is talked about, then the price of a supercomputer is $ 20000 to $ 300 million.  Can. If a supercomputer is built faster than this in future, it is likely to cost more.

 India's five fastest supercomputers

 Pratyush - Kare X C40

 Mihir - Kare X C40

 InC1 - Lenovo C1040

 SERC - Kare X C40

 iDataPlex DX360M4

 When and who built the world's first supercomputer?

 If you look at the history of the creation of computers, then you will know that it has not been made by any one person, there have been many different contributions in this, due to which today we are using machines like computers and supercomputers.  If even then, if any one person is talked about who has built a supercomputer then our name is "Simour Kare", which has a huge contribution in the construction of supercomputer. The first supercomputer was built in the US in 1976.

 Advantages of supercomputer

 Today supercomputers are being used in many fields.  Online companies like IBM and PayPal are also using it today.  With its help, online fraud can be avoided. Supercomputer not only gives more speed than normal computer, but by using it we can also avoid fraud on the Internet.  Today it is being used by many online companies.

 In our daily life, a lot of work can be done easily from a normal computer, but even today for scientists, there are many things that can be done by a normal computer, it can take many years to complete.  Supercomputers are required to do this.

 Due to this supercomputer, today we have many such activities that we can detect before they occur, such as about the weather and the coming earthquake.

 Comparison of Common Computer and Supercomputer

 If we compare it with our home computer, where the convenience of personal computers and laptops is taken care of that more and more people can use it, while increasing speed in super computers is the biggest objective because these computers are the ones we use.  Not only do they use only expert people.

 In the field of personal computers, software is such that computers become more and more user friendly.  But no such attempt is made in super-computers. Because people who use it are computer friendly. They have experts in their respective fields.  And in order to use a supercomputer, one or two individual NoHo entire teams are required.

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