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 How To Play Pubg

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 At the present time, wherever you look in the internet, you will see PUBG games.  Whether it is facebook or youtube. Where previously children used to play outdoor games, now they are more like playing games on computer and smartphone.

 It is an internet based action game.  Because it is action based, it provides thriller to the people.  Children, youth or adults, people of all classes like this game. He likes to play this game for some time to forget his stress.  So today I thought why don't you also give some information about what is a PUBG game and how to play PUBG.

 The addiction of this game is now on the minds of the youth.  This game is like a drunk that once you play you cannot quit it and you will like to play it again and again.  So the game went viral in a very short time.

 PUBG Game is absolutely free, so you do not have to pay any money to download it.  There is also very little hardware requirement, so you can run it easily on any smartphone.

 What is PUBG?

 The PUBG game was launched worldwide in 2017.  It was first launched for Microsoft Windows. It became so popular there that it was also launched for Android and iOS.

 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is the full form of PUBG.  It is an action based game that can be played online on computers and smartphones.  It is a multiplayer game. It is made by Bluehole, a Korean video game making company.

 PUBG has blasted the world into online madness to wage war.  You must have seen the youth everywhere playing this game on your smartphone today.  This game has made the youth crazy.

 It is a multiplayer game so you cannot play it alone, but you have to play it together with other players, which makes this game even more interesting.

 How to download PUBG?

 If you know the popularity of this game, then if you also want to play this game, then you must first download it, let's know how to download pubg: -

 Step 1- You must first go to the Play Store on your Android phone.

 Step 2- Now you have to search by typing Pubg from the search bar.

 Step 3- Click on the app with Pubg Mobile at the top of the play store as soon as you search.

 Step 4- This game is currently 1.5Gb which you can install by clicking on download.

 How to play PUBG

 Now the game has arrived in your mobile, so now it comes to know how to play pubg, because before we do anything, we will not be able to use it until we know it.  So let's know how to play pubg: -

 The first decision that comes to you when playing PUBG is whether to start the game in first person perspective (FPP) or in third person perspective (TPP).  The first person perspective, or first person perspective, shows the game through your character's eyes.

 The third person perspective, or third person perspective, represents your character model in the game.  Fpp plays more like a traditional shooter while Tpp allows you to gather more information around the cover due to camera placement.

 When the game starts, you along with your other comrades descend from the sky with a parachute at some place.  At first, the island you are landed in is large, but as the game progresses, it is truncated so that players have little room to hide.

 Here, you have to find weapons, ammo and all the necessary items for yourself.  You have to select and hold the vipon because you cannot have more than one item in it.  You always have to find and kill the rest of the players hiding themselves.

 Here you can also collect dead players like weapons and medical kits with which you protect yourself.

 The player who survives to the end is considered the winner.  From the houses built on this island, you will have to collect everything you need, such as food, clothes, weapons, bags, etc.

 How many people can play the game?

 This game can be played in 3 ways - this game can be played alone or with two people or even with 4 people.  If you play it alone you have to do everything. No other support is available.

 But after playing with 2 or 4 people, other members of the team can give you all these things Foods, weapons, and if you are shot then your partner can revive you in a certain time.

 PUBG Important weapons information

 PUBG has a number of guns that fall into the categories of assault rifles, light machine guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns.  Each gun works with a specific cartridge.

 Ammo types include: .300 Magnum, .45 Acp, 12 Gauge, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 9mm.  Pistols and sub-machine guns are most commonly used. 45 ACP and 9 mm, while rifles, light machine guns and sniper rifles use the most 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm.  The shotgun 12 gauge and .300 magnum are used for the sniper rifle AWM.

 Advantages and disadvantages of Pubg Game

 Friends, you know this thing well that every thing has two aspects, in the same way there are some advantages and some disadvantages of Pubg, so let's know about both one by one.

 Benefits of PUBG Game

 Whenever you are free or getting bored, you can play this game.  With this you can change your boring time into fun time.

 If you play online games, you also get new friends, many times online friends who have come into our life become part of our life and live with them for life time.

 This increases your thinking ability.  With which you can handle different types of Situations.

 If you are bored of watching the same kind of shows and TV serials then it gives you a chance to do something new.

 In this way you stay away from your friends and stay connected with them.

 If you live alone, you can play with your friends from far away in free time, so that you stay connected with your friends for more time without being bored.

 Disadvantages of Pubg Game

 Where there are advantages of Pubg, there are also disadvantages, but these disadvantages only happen when you put the Addiction of this game and you keep looking for time to play this game, but if you enjoy it for some time in the free time  If you play for it, then it does not have any harm: -

 It has a very bad effect on your eyes and brain which can cause your eyes to be completely damaged and your brain also reduces the ability to think.

 If you play this game too much, and cannot live without it then it can be very dangerous for you because you will be away from social interaction and will be engaged in the game all the time.  This will create distance between you and the people.

 There are also problems like sleeplessness due to playing so much game, due to which you have difficulty sleeping.

 You will not be able to think of anything else and keep thinking about this game all the time.

 You keep playing games sitting in one place, which increases obesity and many kinds of diseases surround your body due to obesity.

 If you keep playing this game all the time, it can waste a lot of your time and thereby increase the chance of wasting your life.

 Friends, you have learned what is and how to play a pubg game, and in this you have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of pubg, after which you want to say the last thing that only play this game when you are bored in free time.  Are getting and do not let it dominate you, if you get addicted to it, then it can be worse than any drug, it can ruin your life like a drug.

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