What Is Minimum Salary In Qatar For Indians

What Is Minimum Salary In Qatar

Qatar which is an Arabic country, there is no shortage of jobs here and that is why people from India and other countries go here to do jobs.  Due to which they get jobs and also get very good salary compared to their country. For example, even if seen at least here, a job is available in 2100Qra salary, which if seen in Indian currency makes forty thousand rupees.  Some of the jobs with minimum salary are mentioned below. In which you can apply and get jobs.

1. Filling Station Boy

In this field of petroleum, job vacancy is also extracted for technicians in the country of Qatar.  To protect against fire and to keep all businesses safe, technicians are put on jobs so that everyone is safe and no harm is done.  To apply in Qatar for the job of technician, it is necessary to have the below mentioned reference.

About 1 to 3 years of experience in filling station is mandatory.

It is necessary to have a high school education and with this a technician should have a certificate of ITI.

Must have ability to drive and travel at night

It is also mandatory to have a driving license.

Knowledge of running and correcting the resources used in petroleum.

In this, you get 2000 to 2500qra salary.

2.Delivery Boy

 As you know, many restaurants and companies offer the option of home delivery to their customers, for that, the biker is hired for those who go from home to delivery.  In such a situation, this vacancy is carried out by many companies of Qatar. If you are a good bike rider, then you can apply for this job in Qatar.

You must have a driving license based on which you will be placed for delivery.

You must have a good bike riding experience.

You must be aware of all traffic rules.

By working in this you can get a salary of 2200 to 2400qra which can be about fifty to sixty thousand in Indian currency.

Both men and women can apply for this.

3.Medical Store Helper

Recently vacancy has been done for nurses and doctors in Qatar.  There is a demand for Indian doctors and nurses. If you are a citizen of India and a doctor, then you can apply in it.  To apply, you need to have the below requirement.

You must have a certificate.

You must have complete knowledge of the medical field.

In this, you will get salary of about one to one and a half lakh and other facilities with it.

In this, both boys and girls can apply.

You must be an Indian citizen and have a certificate.

You must have the ability to do multiple tasks.


Many fields require cashiers.  You can get a better salary by doing cashier job in Qatar but not much more than in India.  The job of the cashier is to book the entire expenditure account. And you have to keep an account of the amount of money that comes.  It has the below requirement to apply.

You must have 3 years of account experience.

It is necessary for you to have a B Com degree in account.

Your ability to work with it should be fast.

You can get a salary of 2500 to 3500qra on this job. 

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