What Is Credit Card | Types of Credit Cards


What Is Credit Card | Types of Credit Cards

Friends, all of you will have an account in the bank in which you can deposit money and you will also know about the ATM card from which you can withdraw money from an ATM outside the bank's line, apart from this, facilities elsewhere  The bank gives us that which makes our life a little easier, one of the features that you might have heard about is the credit card, but there may not be much information about how it works and how it is made. In view of this problem, today we will share with you all the important information about credit cards.

 What is a Credit Card?

 A credit card is a plastic card that looks exactly like an ATM card, through this card, the bank gives you very good facility, so that even if you do not have money in your bank, you can shop with this card.  It is a type of bank lending to you, by which you can lend money to someone by borrowing from the bank and every month you have to repay it back to the bank, if you are unable to repay this loan then with this you will  Interest starts coming. This card has a limit, according to which you cannot shop more than that limit. Once you pay the money, you can again shop for the same limit.

 How does Credit Card work?

 A credit card pays you money in a limit as a loan. If you do some shopping with someone, that much money from your credit card is put into the bank account of the person and you are lent to the bank.  You have to pay in a regular time, in case of not paying the money on regular time, you have to pay interest. The credit card limit depends on the amount of transaction from your account.

 What are the types of Credit Cards?

 There are many types of credit cards, such as lifestyle credit cards, shopping credit cards, but its three important types are given below: -

 Gold credit card

 This credit card is for those whose bank account has a very high transaction limit.  Its limit is also higher than other cards.

 Platinum aur Titanium Card

 These cards are also similar to gold cards but its benefits are more, in this you keep getting discounts and offers.

 Silver credit card

 This is a normal credit card that any job person can take, depending on their income.

 How to get a credit card and what documents are required for this?

 Credit card is given to you by the bank, the bank where you will have an account, you can apply for this card there, for this, some important documents are required below.

  •  Information about your last few months income.

  •  Statement of transactions in your bank account.

  •  Credit Card Application Form

  •  Your address information such as Aadhaar card and Voter ID card.

  •  Your passport size photo.

 How to apply for making a credit card?

 You have two options to apply for making a credit card, you can apply for it offline by going to the bank or you can also apply online from home without going to the bank, we will know about both these methods.  .

 How to apply offline credit card?

 First of all you have to go to the bank and take a form to apply for a credit card from there.

 After that you will have to fill all your information like name, address, phone number and email id in that form.

 While applying for this, you may need to provide your Aadhaar card, Voter ID, or passport for proof.

 Along with this, you have to put a photo on the form for your identity.

 You have to get the complete statement of your bank account with this form.

 Your last few months income information has to be attached to this form.

 After doing all this, you can get the credit card submitted by submitting the form to the bank.

 How to get credit card online?

 Here we will tell you about the process of making online credit card with SBI Bank: -

 First of all, you have to go to the SBI website from your computer or laptop, for which you can click on the link given here.  SBI website link

 Now here you will see the option to apply, click on it.

 After clicking here, a page will open where a list of different types of cards will appear, you have to select the card to be made.  All these credit cards will be in different types. Whichever card you select will have to click on apply now below.

 Your boss will open a form in which you will have to fill all the information which will be asked: -

 In the first line, "Do you already have an SBI Credit Card?"  It will be written under which there will be options of Yes and No.  If you already have a credit card, then yes, if not, click on no.

 After this, name, city, email id and mobile number will be asked which will have to be filled in correctly.

 After reading Tersm & conditon, you click, after filling it, click on send otp which will bring an OTP to your number, fill it and click on verify.

 After this, you have to give your persionl details, whatever will be asked there, after filling all the information, click on submit.

 After this, you will get a call from Customer Care, who will ask you your full information and verify you.

 After this, you will get a call from the bank to collect a photo and proof of your copy.

 After all the process is done, you will be given a credit card tracking number with which you can track your credit card.

 Within 20 to 25 days your credit card will be sent to your given address.

 Credit Card Benefits

 The first biggest benefit of this is that even if we do not have money, we can pay anyone with it.

 If you have to do shopping then you can do it with credit card, in such a way, you are also given discounts by many companies.

 You can also make a cash payment with a credit card.

 With a credit card, you can buy anything at lower interest in installments.

 If you ever need money in emergency, then you can easily take money with credit card.

 In the event of non-payment, the interest is charged very low.

 Credit Card Disadvantages

 As you know, where there are advantages of something, there are some disadvantages to it, in this way there can be some disadvantages of credit cards which are given below: -

 If we withdraw cash from the credit card, then it costs us a lot of money.

 The bank charges us separately for using a credit card.

 Many credit cards have annual deadlines that the customer has to pay.

 Because most of the credit card is used on the internet where there can be difficulties in making self payments and our payment remains pending.

 Sometimes it can cause a lot of trouble for unknown person due to not being able to pay on time.

 Now-a-days, because everything is online, it becomes very fraudulent due to this, due to which you may face difficulties.

 Friends, you have learned in this article about what a credit card is, how to make it online and offline, its advantages and disadvantages, and other important information related to this, we hope you have liked this information.

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