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What is Captcha

If you ever register on a website, you are asked for a captcha code in a site, after which your registration is completed only, but do you know what it is and why it is used if you  If you do not know, then read this post completely after which you will know because we are going to share the complete information about Captcha with you.

 What is captcha?

 The full form of Captcha is Complete Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Human Apart, it acts as a secuarity for a website or any online platrorm which prevents spams to a great extent.  There are different types of Captcha Code, if someone has to solve in alphabate, then some are difficult in numbers so that someone who has a weak eye cannot solve it.

 These are also necessary for those websites, from these it is ascertained that there is a person registering on the website, or this is being done by some software because no robot can solve such captcha code.

 Why is captcha used?

 Many times it happens that a website is used by a software or machine that can work very fast and can be spammed, captcha is used to prevent such activities from which the website is detected  Being used by a human being.

 Solving the secuarity that is imposed on it is not just a matter of a robot, this captcha can only be solved by humans, which prevents spamming.

 If we look at it for ourselves, it is not very difficult to solve it, because very easy security codes are put up, such as looking at the photo and identifying it, you must have seen a captcha that is very easy.

 Benefits of Captcha Code

 It is used on websites and blogs in which it is used keeping in mind the many benefits, which have the following advantages: -

 It identifies the human and the machine and prevents the machine from moving forward.

 Helps reduce spam and virus attacks.

 Preventing Bots from entering the website.

 Makes online shopping safer.

 Your website is protected from spammers.

 How to solve captcha?

 If you cannot solve captcha then you will not be able to proceed on the website, so you should come to solve it, it is very easy but due to lack of information some people are unable to solve it, then let us know that  How to Solve Captcha: -

 Image Captcha In this type of captcha, your friend shows some photos and you can solve it by selecting the photo you are asked to select.

 In this 3d captcha code, you see a few crooked words or numbers in an image, watch it carefully and whatever is written in it, write it down in the box.

 Math Captcha In this type of captcha you are asked some math questions where you have to add or subtract digits.

 Audio captcha code contains an audio that you have to listen to and insert it carefully.

 Alphabet Captcha In this, your boss has given some English words, he has to write in the same way, if the small latter has words, then write it the same way.

 Should Captcha be used or not?

 Using captcha keeps our website safe, so that no one can spam comments and other methods.  For this, if seen, it is a bit difficult for the captcha user but it is beneficial to use it for security.  Therefore we should use Captcha in our website.

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