Open Your Own Courier Company

 If you are unemployed and you want to start a business of your own, you can open a courier company or start a business with a franchisee of a courier company, both ways you can earn a lot of money and become a successful business man.  Can be In this post you will learn how to open your own courier company in low cost.

How to open your own courier company

 In this era of internet, the work of courier company has increased.  As the e-commerce companies are taking the place of the market, the work of the courier company is also increasing.  This is a golden time to start a courier business. Courier companies go to the credit of growing companies like Amazon, Flipkart.  Because their job is to deliver their products to the customers. This is the reason that now these companies have gradually started their own courier service.  At this time every month some new e-commerce website is coming in the market, which is delivering the product to the people at home. In such a situation, doing business of courier may be a better decision.

 How to open your own courier company

 If you have money or you have an investor who can invest in your courier business, then you can open your own courier company.  It is often thought that it costs a lot of money to set up your own courier company, much resources and people are needed. But if you work in a planned way, you can open a courier company even on a low budget.

 To open your own courier company you will have to complete some important legal procedures.  For which you must first register a company under ministry of corporate affairs. The information of which you will find on this website.  It does not cost too much, this process is completed in a few thousand rupees.

 After this you will have to build a software from a developer company or a good developer, which will manage your entire work online, such as when to deliver the product, where to be delivered, payment status, etc.  This software will be the most important task for your courier company. So do not show any negligence for this, make it from a good company or developer. This work will be between 1 lakh to 2.5. As the business of your company grows, so should you make necessary changes in your software and make it better.

 After the software is created, the work of building your network starts.  The network itself will take your company forward. The larger your network, the more business you will be able to do.  In this business, most of the hard work is spent in making network, but you have to network in a planned way. If you are working on a low budget then first you have to build a strong network in your city.  So that any product can be delivered fast in your area and customers can get better services. Gradually, you should increase your network in other cities, as your network will be formed, you will also continue to increase business.

 After building the network, it is now the turn of the company to launch.  Yes, as soon as your network is strengthened in your local area, you can launch your company.  For launching you need a good office, staff of two-three people, furniture, electricity, two-three computers, internet etc.  Bus courier company started.

 How to get your own courier company to work

 Since you have a local network, you will be able to deliver only in your local area, so the problem is how you will get work.  So for this also you have to work in a little planned way. You have to search on the Internet such e-commerce companies, whose delivery is in your neighboring city but you are not here.  You can contact those companies, those companies will be ready to work with you easily because they too have to increase their business. As soon as you get the job of 5–7 companies, you will start growing the business.  After this, you keep increasing your network in other cities one by one. You will have many friends, relatives who are unemployed, want to do some work. You give them your courier franchise, gradually people near you will start contacting you for the franchise.

 This journey to start your own courier company will definitely go a little longer, but you do it in a planned way, in the coming years your courier company will become a big company.

 How to collect money for courier company

 Money is needed to start any business.  If you are starting a courier company, then you will also have to spend money from company registration, software development to office preparation.  You will need a budget of at least 4 to 5 lakh rupees for all these works. Investors are available after the start of the company, but no one is ready to invest in business before starting.  In such a situation, startups can take loans from the bank. But nowadays the condition of banks is also bad and there are very few chances that the bank will give loan. Then how to mobilize funds for the courier company.  This problem can also be solved. First of all keep the money you have ready, then talk to your friends, try to include them in your business, propose to them that the more money they invest in the company, the more shares they will get from the profit.  Friends, after talking to relatives, you will definitely get some people who will be ready to cooperate with you in business. At the same time, if they are not ready to invest in business, then you can ask for borrowed money from them. Apart from this, you can also contact people who want to start a business but they do not understand what to do.  You can offer them to be your partner by meeting them. Effort is a big thing, if you try with your mind then you will also be successful.

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