Best Living Jobs In Qatar For Boys And Girls

Living Jobs In Qatar

In Qatar, a lot of jobs vacancy continues because it is a developed country, so people from other countries also come and work here, for which work and food packages are also given in some company.  Apart from this, in these jobs you also get a better salary package than other countries. You will learn about such vacancies and the requirement to apply for it.

1.Sales Executive

Recently vacancy in a company in the information technology sector of Qatar has come out.  In which you can apply and get a job in it. Where you will have to do full time job and the business will be arranged by the company.  To apply for this vacancy, it is mandatory to have the below mentioned requirement.

You must have two years of sales marketing experience, which is a certificate.

In this, vacancy has been removed in about 5 to 10 seats.

You must have any diploma certificate.

Apart from this, if you have a certificate of graduation, you can also apply in it.

Your way of speaking and writing should be right for selling.

In this, you can get a monthly salary ranging from about 800 to 1000 $.

Apart from Qatar, people from other countries can also apply.

In Indian currency, its salary can be anywhere from fifty thousand to one lakh.

2.Mechanical Engineering Inspector

Some vacancies have recently been taken out in a mechanical company working on marine projects in Qatar.  In which you can apply and get a job and get a good monthly salary. You will have to do this job by staying the same, which will be provided by the company.  In order to apply to this, the below requirement is required.

It is essential to have 5 years of experience in your mechanical field.

In this, vacancy has been drawn on 110 posts, which are in different positions in the mechanical field.

You must have graduated from any field.

You must have the ability to perform mechanical field related tasks.

You will be allowed to do this work only by staying in the place given by that company.

In this, a citizen of another country can also apply.

This is for men only, women cannot apply in this.

Its salary in Indian currency can range from about 70 thousand to one lakh.

3. Driver

The driver's job vacancy has been drawn for the driver in Qatar.  In which you can apply. In this, you will get a job at a good salary.  You have to work there and it will be full time work. To apply in this, it is necessary to have the below requirement.

Must have two years driving experience.  And it is also mandatory to have a certificate of experience.

Vacancy has been drawn in about 80 seats for this post.

It is mandatory to have the ability to drive at night.

It is also necessary to have a driving license.

You must have at least a high school pass, which should be a certificate.

People from some other countries can apply in this area besides Qatar.

This is only for men, women cannot apply in it.

Its salary in Indian currency can be up to fifty thousand.

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