Laptop To Another Data Transfer Method

 Laptop has become a very important device of our life.  Laptop usage is increasing day by day in our lives. The laptop has now become a device without which we cannot even imagine our life.  We are currently surrounded by laptops and technology and use them daily whether it is computer or laptop and mobile. Nowadays all the work is being done with a laptop.  When you work in an office, company or bank, there are many computers, then you have to transfer files or any data between those computers. So today we will go through this post how we can transfer files between two laptops.


 How to transfer data from one laptop to another

 If we have to transfer something from one mobile to another, then there are many apps and Bluetooth from where we can transfer data, but if we talk about transferring data from laptop to laptop, then there are many ways for it  But we find this work a little difficult due to lack of information, but transferring data from laptop to laptop is as easy as transferring data from mobile to mobile. You can do data transfer in the following ways, and with these methods you can do this work very easily and in very less time.

 Data transfer from pendrive

 You can transfer data via PenDrive.  Through a pen drive, you can transfer a small size file from a laptop to a laptop very easily.  Nowadays up to 128 GB pen drive is also available in the market.

 Through the pen drive, you first have to copy your laptop's data to the pen drive.  After that, the same pen drive is to be installed on another computer or laptop and paste the data into it.  In this way, you can transfer files from one laptop to another. And you will be able to transfer as much data as you have at the same time as a pen drive of gb.

 BlueTooth to Data Transfer

 If you want, you can also transfer data from Bluetooth, earlier it was used a lot, but with the new technology, it is used less now because the process of transferring data in it runs at a very low speed and with this you  You can only transfer data up to 1GB at a time. If you still want to transfer less data, you can also transfer data in this way.

 Data transfer from harddrive

 You can transfer data to your computer with the help of a hard drive or memory card.  Transferring data via hard drive or memory card is quite easy. First you have to copy the data to hard disk or memory and then put it in another computer and paste it.

 Data transfer using wifi

 If you want, you can also transfer data from laptop to laptop with the help of Wifi.  For this, both your laptops must be connected to WiFi. After this, you can easily transfer your data with the help of some applications like Share It.

 Data transfer from LAN cable

 With the help of LAN cable you can share files from computer or laptop to laptop data transfer.  Here you can share files with great speed. You can also transfer data to 1000 plus computers simultaneously.  With the help of LAN cable, you have to make your network connection. After which you can transfer data of many people at once.

 Method of transferring data over LAN cable

 First of all connect both laptops with LAN cable, this cable has to connect both laptops.  Because there are two laptops here, we will take them under the name of Laptop 1 and Laptop 2.

 After that go to the network or sharing center of laptops 1 and 2.

 Now the sharing settings of these two systems will have to be similar.

 After going to its sharing center, select the option Turn on sharing anyone.

 After this, it has to be turned off with the Password Protect Sharing option and click on Save Changes.

 Now you have to set the properties for the Eathernet cable.

 Laptop 1 will have an option in the network or sharing center itself internet protocol version 4 Double click this.

 Now select the following ip address.

 enter in the ip address column

 Enter in a subnet mask

 Enter at Default Gateway

 enter in prefered DNS server

 Click OK and save the settings.

 After this, do the same as in laptop 1 and do the laptop in two and insert the IP adress below.

 enter in the ip address column

 Enter in a subnet mask

 Enter at Default Gateway

 enter in prefered DNS server

 Save Settings by clicking OK

 After doing all this, both laptop 1 and laptop 2 will connect to each other.

 When you go to My Computer and look in the network, you will see two systems there.

 Now right click on the folder to transfer the file data.

 Select share with option.

 And transfer the data so that you will be able to transfer the data very easily.

 Friends, you can transfer data in all the ways mentioned above, and if you do it with Lan cable then it will work very fast and you can transfer a lot of data in a few minutes.

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