4 Best Job s In Qatar For Indian

Job In Qatar For Indian

A lot of jobs are done for Indian people in Arabic countries.  One of them is the Qatar in which the jobs vacancy of Indian people has been extracted, which we will give you, we will tell you in which field jobs have been released for Indians and what is the requirement for this which will have to be completed for jobs.  Compared to India, this country also gives good salary for general work. The information of which is given below.

1.Nurse And Doctors

Recently vacancy has been done for nurses and doctors in Qatar.  There is a demand for Indian doctors and nurses. If you are a citizen of India and a doctor, then you can apply in it.  To apply, you need to have the below requirement.

You must have 5 years of Doctor Field experience.

You must have a certificate.

You must have complete knowledge of the medical field.

In this, you will get salary of about one to one and a half lakh and other facilities with it.

In this, both doctors and nurses can apply.

You must be an Indian citizen and have a certificate.

You must have the ability to do multiple tasks.

2.Delivery Bike Rider

As you know, many restaurants and companies offer the option of home delivery to their customers, for that, the biker is hired for those who go from home to delivery.  In such a situation, this vacancy is carried out by many companies of Qatar. If you are a good bike rider, then you can apply for this job in Qatar.

You must have a driving license based on which you will be placed for delivery.

You must have a good bike riding experience.

You must be aware of all traffic rules.

By working in it, you can get good salary, which can be about fifty to sixty thousand in Indian currency.

Both men and women can apply for this.

3.Hotel Maintenance

Recently 100 vacancies have been taken out for private hotels in Qatar for the staff of the hotel which require boys and girls for different positions.  You can apply to get this job. The below requirement is required to apply.

You must have 2 years of hotel working experience.

Vacancy has been drawn on 100 posts for Hotel Management.

It has different requirements for different posts.  Anyone from high school to graduation can apply.

Boys and girls can apply in this.

It is necessary to have a certificate of whichever country you are a citizen of.

It can get salary ranging from one lakh to one and a half lakh.

4. Chai Maker (Indian)

Vacancy has been removed for the job of tea maker in the restaurant of Qatar for an Indian citizen, in which you can get a job by applying and you can get a much better salary than in India, to apply in this, you will need the following requirement.  .

Two years of tea making experience is required.

The ability to work should be good.

Your manner of speaking should be correct.

To apply in this, you must be an Indian citizen and have a certificate.

Boys and girls can apply in this vacancy.

You can get a monthly salary ranging from fifty thousand to one lakh in Indian currency.

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