Dj Voice Tags | Name Remix In A Song

 In this article, we will learn about the DJ Voice tag, what it is and how it is made, as well as other important information about it.

 What is Dj Voice Tag?

 If you ever hear dj playing at a wedding or a party, there are some songs remixes in which someone's name is put into a voice which you must have heard like "DJ Deep" and many other names remixed in songs.  These names are added by the person remixing the song to find out who has remixed the song. This song remixing is called Dj Voice Tag. In such a situation, you will also hear the song and think that if you want to put your name in the song, then you should have some knowledge of how to remix it.  If you do not know, then there is nothing to worry about, we will teach you how to do remixing.

 How to create a dj voice tag?

  •  First of all, you have to go to a website whose link is Text To Speech.

  •  After visiting this website, you will see a page in which there will be a typing box and some other option will be given which you will set.

  •  In the box, you put the name with which you want to create the voice tag.

  •  After this type your name, setting the language and speed.  Select voice

  •  And then click on Create Audio file, after which your audio file will be created and you will have to download it.

 In this way, the voice of your name will come to you.

 From here you have learned that how the voice tag will be made, now you will need a computer and remixing software to put it in the song, so that you can play the voice of your name in a song.

 How to remix your name in a song

 First of all you have to download the virtual software which is very much used software for playing Dj.

 After this you have to open this software.

 After this, there will be an option called sempler, after that click on the play button and click on load.

 Now select the voice tag file that you have.

 Now the voice tag of your name has been uploaded in the first sample.

 Now you can open your voice by pressing on the play button.

 After this the recording has to be started.

 Now go wherever you want to place your voice tag.

 In the last, stop recording and click on save, which will make your name DJ Song ready.

 How to create female voice tag with mobile app

 For this you first go to the Play Store.

 After that you will have to search by writing Narrator's Voice.

 Download the app that will appear on your first number.

 If you do not get an app with this name, you can also download it by clicking here.  Download

 In this you will have to record your name in your voice.

 After that you can change this with different options in that record.

 With which you can also convert it into female voice.

 By doing this your DJ voice tag will be ready.

 Above you have learned to make two ways to create a DJ voice tag with which you can create your own name voice tag and put it in a song.

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