Deleted Photos Recovery Method With 1 Click

How to recover deleted photos from mobile

 Friends, to be seen in today's time, it is a phone with very good quality camera, from which we can get very good photos, so in this case we go anywhere, we keep the photos in our phone to keep memories of it.

 But many times it happens that our photos are deleted by mistake or due to some technical problem of the mobile, then we have a lot of trouble because it contains many memories and some photos of our work.

 If this has happened to you too, then you do not have to be anxious because we are going to tell you how to recover delimited photos.  With which you can easily recover your delimited photos within a few minutes.

 How to recover deleted photo

 There are many ways to recover delimited photos but here we will tell you about two very easy methods.  The first is how to recover photos with the help of mobile apps and the second way is to recover deleted photos with the help of software.

 These two ways are very easy, so that you can recover photos by yourself without any help or without going to any shop, so let's know how to recover photos both ways one by one.

 How to recover Delete photo from app

 There are also a lot of apps for recovering delimited photos from mobile, but here we will learn about some special apps which are easy to use and which are absolutely free.

 Digiheep Image Recovery App

 First of all, download this app and install it in your mobile, then follow the steps given below: Digdeep App

 Step 1.  Download this app and open it, as soon as you open it, it will ask for permission from Meda, Phone, Photos, then you have to give permission by clicking on Allow.

 Step 2.  After this the app will open and start scanning automatically. After completion of scanning, all the delimited images will be shown on the screen.

 Step 3.  Select any photo you want to bring back, click on the Restore button below, so that the deleted photo will be saved in your mobile.

 Restore Image (Super Easy)

 With this app you can bring back delimited photos, from this app you can also recover old delimited photos, first of all you can search and install this app from playstore or install it from the link given below.  You can follow the steps mentioned after that.

 Restore image install

 Step 1.  Open the app after installing it.

 Step 2.  After that, three options will be shown, you have to click on "from the image you want to restore"

 Step 3.  After that you have to select the date, from how long to how long you want the photos, here you can restore one year old photos too.

 Step 4.  After that, the albums will appear in front of you, select the photos you want to remove from them and click on "Restore images", which will delete your deleted images.

 Diskdiggar Photo Rackery

 Diskdigger app is also a great option, with the help of this app, you can recover up to 70% of delimited photos to take back the delisted photos, first install this app in your mobile and then follow the steps given below.  Discdigger download

 Open the Kapp after installing it, then click on "Start Basic Photo Scan".

 It may take some time to be able, after the complete scan, all delimited photos will appear in front of you on the screen.

 When you select any photo you want to recover, you can also select all the photos.

 After selecting the photos, click on the option "Recover Photos" below, so that the selected photos will be saved in your mobile.

 How to recover Delte photos from software

 If you are not able to recover your photos from the mobile app or if all your deleted photos are not returning, then after that you have an option that you can recover all your photos with the help of computer software.  There are a lot of recovery software for computers too, but we will tell you about a software that is absolutely free.

 Rakava Softwares

 Take your computer Recuva software, it is a window software, you can download it from the link given below.

 Step 1.  After inserting this software into the computer, you will need to connect your mobile with the computer by cable.

 Step 2.  After that, go to Recuva and click on Deep Scan, after scanning all your delimited photos will open in front of you.

 Step 3.  Which you can select and recover photos.

 How to recover deleted photos from memory card?

 With all the methods mentioned above, you can recover the delimited photos from the memory card with your phone, for that you just have to insert the memory card in your phone and follow the steps given above.


 I know in this post how to recover delimited photos, apart from this, we have seen step by step how to recover photos from apps and software, we hope that you have understood and now you delved from your memory card and mobile  Can recover photos.

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