10 jobs of the year 2020 are stressful

Top 10 Stressful Jobs 2020

Every person wants to have a comfortable job and the salary he wants.  There are some professions where this dream comes true. But there are also some jobs that are most direct.  You will always be under stress while doing these tasks. In the list released by Forbes magazine, these 10 jobs of the year 2020 are stressful… somewhere.  Read full news ...

Top 10 Stressful Jobs 2020, Hard Jobs

   1. Senior Corporate Executive:

   Improved performance at all times creates pressure and increases the risk of deteriorating mental state and stress.  His stress score is 48.56 while his growth is only 6%.


   The most stressful job in the world is that of a soldier.  They have to stay away from family and social fabric in a very difficult situation and there is a risk of life in this job, due to which the tension on the soldiers is dominated.  His stress score is 72.74.

   3. Police Officer:

   During duty, these people have to work in very dangerous environment and it becomes very difficult to control themselves, due to which their stress level increases.  Her stress score is 51.68 while Vikas is just 4 percent.

   4. Broadcaster:

   The job of a broadcaster in a TV news channel is not easy.  This job attracts the youth but is actually stress along with work.  According to the report, the broadcaster has a stress score of 47.93.  Meaning if you work for eight hours then you will be under stress for 4 hours.  Not only this, their growth has also seen a decline of 9%.

   5. Newspaper reporter:

   Journalists are always mentally depressed due to stress because they have to complete work in due time and life risk is also very high.  His stress score is 49.90, while his progress and salary have seen an 8% drop.

   6. Taxi Driver:

   You have to go somewhere, call a taxi and walk.  But sometimes try to talk to them, even these taxi drivers do not work comfortably.  They are also under great stress. His stress score is 48.18 while the growth rate i.e. salary and advancement score is 13%.

   7. Firefighter:

   The work of a firefighter is also very stressful as he works in a very risky environment.  Apart from extinguishing the fire, they also have to do many tasks in which the risk of life is very high.  Apart from this, they also have to save the people in trouble, which is a very difficult task. His stress score is 72.68 while his growth rate is 5 percent.

   8. Public Relations Executive:

   The job of PR executives in large companies is to benefit the company as much as possible.  In this case, the pressure on them is high, which makes them tense. His stress score is 48.50 while the growth rate shows a growth of 7 percent.

   9. Airline Pilot:

   Pilots face a lot of stress in their jobs because they have to fly in the morning or sometimes late at night.  They have to check the details in detail before the flight. Due to frequent travel in different time zones, he stays out of the house for more than half the time and is in danger of getting his license snatched if he makes a mistake.

   10. Event Co-ordinator:

   From event planning to event handling, it is the job of an event coordinator and because of this they get accustomed to being in a state of tension which is very harmful to their body.  His stress score is 51.15 while the growth rate is 10 percent.

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